June 2022

  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 CLEF Young Researcher Awards

First prize went to Laëtitia Renée (PhD Candidate, McGill University) for the paper “The Long-Term Effects of Financial Aid and Career Education: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment.”

Second prize went to James Uguccioni (PhD candidate, University of Toronto) for the paper “The Long-Run Effects of Parental Unemployment in Childhood”.

Runner-ups were Yige Duan (PhD candidate, Vancouver School of Economics) for the paper “Beyond Lost Earnings: The Long-Term Impact of Job Displacement on Workers’ Commuting Behavior”, and Jamie Emery (Pre-doctoral fellow, Harvard University) for the paper“Who Pays the Child Penalty? Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics”.

  • CLEF is pleased to announce that Mikal Skuterud will be taking over as Director of the Forum on July 1st, 2022. Mikal is a founding member of CLEF and looks forward to continue his work in promoting and supporting Canadian labour economics research. Congratulations Mikal!

March 2022

  • The Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) is issuing a call for proposals to undertake first-of-its-kind market research on career development. Applications can be sent to by then end of day on April 29, 2022.

January 2022

December 2021

July 2021

  • Canadian Public Policy/Analyse De Politiques seeks abstracts for papers for one (possibly two) special issues to be sponsored by the Global Risk Institute. The topic is “Retirement, Longevity, Pensions, and Long-term Care and would include such themes as as the retirement income system, labour market, savings and financial decisions of the older population, preparation for and transition to retirement, long-term care and health and longevity.

June 2021

  • The Bank of Canada in partnership with the Tulo Centre for Economics and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand are pleased to invite submissions to the jointly organized virtual Symposium on the Indigenous Economy which will take place on November 29 and 30, 2021.
  • The Intergovernmental Committee for Economic and Labour Force Development is issuing a call for proposal to assess The Gig Economy and its Effects on Racialized and Immigrant Populations in Toronto. The budget for the contract is $25,425 and the deadline for proposal submission is 5:00pm on 26th July.

May 2021

  • Join us at the 2021 the Canadian Economics Association Meetings for the CLEF Keynote Lecture by Professor Lisa B. Kahn (U. Rochester) who will deliver the paper “Searching, Recalls, and Tightness: An Interim Report on the COVID Labor Market”. 

May 2020

  • Join us for the CLEF Annual Workshop. In association with CRDCN, CLEF has organized a series of webinars on May 15-21. Check out the schedule and register here.

April 2020 

  • Canadian Public Policy announces an Accelerated Special Issue on COVID-19 for expedited publication. This initiative will begin immediately for all COVID-19 submissions and will continue until June 15, 2020.