Fall 2016

WP #7 “The Effect of House Prices on Fertility: Evidence from Canada“, Jeremy Clark and Ana Ferrer

WP #6 “Temporary Foreign Workers and Firms: Theory and Canadian Evidence“, Pierre Brochu, Till Gross and Christopher Worswick

Conference Volume CEA 2016

WP #5 “The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and Colleges“, Eleanor Dillon and Jeffrey Smith

WP #4 “Field of Study and the Decision to Delay University“, Kelly Foley and Fane Groes

WP #3 “Adverse selection in the labour market and the demand for vocational education“, Sonja Chen

WP #2 “Evaluation of Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Reemployment Bonuses Using Regression Discontinuity“, Po-Chun Huang and Tzu-Ting Yang

Spring/Summer 2016

WP #1  Speeding up for a son? Fertility Transitions among Asian Migrants to Canada, Alicia Adsera and Ana Ferrer