Workshops and Conferences

2021/2022 Webinar Series: Covid-19 and the Canadian Labour Market

Join us the first Friday of the month to hear about what Canadian economists are working on related to COVID effects on the labour market.

Past Conference Programs
Vancouver* (virtual) CLEF 2021; Toronto, CLEF 2020; Banff, CLEF 2019;  Montreal, CLEF 2018;  Antigonish, CLEF 2017;  Ottawa, CLEF 2016

* CLEF held two special sessions on 2021 at the (virtual) Annual Meetings of the Canadian Economic AssociationOn Friday 4th (8:00 to 9:30AM – Pacific),  guest speaker Lisa Khan delivered a talk about her work on technological change and recessions. We also held a special session to present the best four papers submitted to the CLEF Award.