The Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF) is a network of Canadian academic researchers focused on the analysis of labour markets, including issues of human capital and skills development, labour shortages, unemployment, and wage differentials between gender, racial, and immigration groups.

The forum exists primarily to provide our affiliates with a community to discuss and disseminate research findings and to connect with government policymakers. We do this through our mailing list, regular webinars and conferences, a working paper series, and social media.

CLEF welcomes established scholars and promising new researchers with an interest in labour economics, broadly defined, including those from departments of industrial relations, political science, sociology, history, policy studies, and labour studies. We are especially interested in connecting with and providing mentorship to young scholars to foster the next generation of Canadian labour economics researchers.

We are open to research collaborations with private industry, the not-for-profit sector, and government departments, especially where projects  involve data sharing arrangements in exchange for analytical expertise.

To connect, collaborate, or learn more, send us an email.

Email: clef@uwaterloo.ca

Twitter: @CLEForum