2021/2022 Webinar Series: Covid-19 and the Canadian Labour Market

All seminars held from Noon to 1:00 PM

Email clef@uwaterloo.ca if you want to receive the link to the webinars. Use “CLEF webinar” in the subject matter)

Date Presenter Title
October 1 Alejandra Bellatin (Bank of Canada), Gabriela Galassi (Bank of Canada) “Covid-Induced Technological Change”
October 22 Matias Cortes (York), Eliza Forsythe (Illinois – Urbana Champaign) “The Heterogeneous Labor Market Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic”
November 12 André Kurmann (Drexel), Etienne Lalé (UQAM), Lien Ta (Drexel) “The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Dynamics and Employment: Real-time Estimates with Homebase Data”
December 3  (Postponed)
January 14 Nick Manuel (St. Mary’s), Miana Plesca (Guelph) “Skill Mismatch One Year into the COVID19 Pandemic”
February 18 Pierre Brochu(Ottawa), Jonathan Créchet (Ottawa) “Survey Non-response in Covid-19 Times: The Case of the Labour Force Survey”
March 11 Fabian Lange (McGill), Stephen Jones (McMaster), Craig Riddell (UBC), Casey Warman (Dalhousie) Canadian Labour Market Dynamics during COVID-19
May 13 Fabian Lange (McGill), Stephanie Lluis (Waterloo) Mikal Skuterud (Waterloo), Casey Warman (Dalhousie) “A Comparative Analysis of US and Canadian Labour Market Dynamics During Covid-19”