WP #68 The Life-Cycle Dynamics of Wealth Mobility Richard Audoly, Rory McGee, Sergio Ocampo, and Gonzalo Paz-Pardo

WP #67 The Impact of Unions on Wages in the Public Sector: Evidence from Higher Education Michael Baker, Yosh Halberstam, Kory Kroft, Alexandre Mas, and Derek Messacar

WP #66 Non-Monotonic Employment Effects by Market Structure and Minimum Wage Level Kevin Devereux and Zuzanna Studnicka

WP #65 The Impact of Comprehensive Student Support on Crime Adam Lavecchia, Philip Oreopoulos, and Noah Spencer 


WP #64 Do Opportunities for Low-Income Students at Top Colleges Promote Academic Success? Evidence from Colombia’s Ser Pilo Paga Program Jeffrey Penney, Steven F. Lehrer, Gloria L. Bernal, and Luis Carlos Reyes

WP #63 The Effect of Reducing Welfare Access on Employment, Health and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes Jeffrey Hicks, Gaëlle Simard-Duplain, David A. Green, and William Warburton

WP #62 Graying and Staying on the Job: The Welfare Implications of Employment Protection for Older Workers Todd Morris and Benoit Dostie

WP #61 Are Immigrants Particularly Entrepreneurial? Policy Lessons from a Selective Immigration System David A. Green, Huju Liu, Yuri Ostrovsky, and Garnett Picot

WP #60 Keep Me In, Coach: The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Targeted Academic Coaching Serena Canaan, Stefanie Fischer, Pierre Mouganie, and Geoffrey C. Schnorr

WP #59 The Minimum Wage, Turnover, and the Shape of the Wage Distribution Pierre Brochu, David A. Green, Thomas Lemieux, and James Townsend

WP #58 The Economics of Canadian Immigration Levels Matthew Doyle, Mikal Skuterud, and Christopher Worswick

WP #57 Research on Labour Market Impacts of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Miguel Cardoso, Michael Haan, Federico Lambardo, and Yoko Yoshida

WP #56 The Changing Value of Employment and Its Implications Davide Alonzo and Giovanni Gallipoli

WP #55 Race and the Income-Achievement Gap Ryan Bacic and Angela Zhang