Webinar Series

2023-2024 Webinar Series

All seminars are on Fridays from 1:00-2:00pm ET.

Send an email to clef@uwaterloo.ca with “CLEF webinar” in the subject line if you would like to receive reminders and Zoom links to the webinars.

September 29Peter McHenry (William and Mary University)“Enrolling in Bad Times: College Persistence and Labor Market Outcomes”
October 20Safoura Moeeni (University of Regina)“The Labor Market Returns to Unobserved Skills: Evidence from a Gender Quota”
November 17Miguel Cardoso (Brock University)“Research on Labour Market Impacts of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program”
December 8Audra Bowlus (Western University)“New Evidence on Skill Portfolio Evolution and Wages over the Lifecycle from the Canadian Longitudinal International Study of Adults”
January 12Sitian Liu (Queen’s University)“Spatial Productivity Differences and Government Rent-Seeking”
February 9Serdar Ozkan (University of Toronto)“Why Are the Wealthiest So Wealthy? A Longitudinal Empirical Investigation”
March 8Adam Levecchia (McMaster University)“Taxation and Regular Folks’ Migration: Evidence from 35 Years of Canadian Immigration Data”
April 5David Gray (University of Ottawa)“The Impact of Working While on Claim Activity on Subsequent Employment Insurance Claims Patterns”