All working papers are also available for download from our RePEc page.


WP #54 First to $15: Alberta’s Minimum Wage Policy on Employment by Wages, Ages, and Places, Sebastian Fossati and Joseph Marchand

WP #53 The Labor Market Returns to Unobserved Skills: Evidence from a Gender Quota, Safoura Moeeni and Feng Wei

WP #52 The Impact of Unions on Nonunion Wage Setting: Threats and Bargaining, David A. Green, Ben M. Sand, and Iain G. Snoddy

WP #51 The Effect of Reducing Welfare Access on Employment, Health, and Children’s Long-Run  Outcomes, Jeffrey Hicks, Gaëlle Simard-Duplain, David A. Green, and William Warburton

WP #50 Native-Born-Immigrant Wage Gap Revisited: The Role of Market Imperfections in Canada, Yigit Aydede and Atul Dar

WP #49 Approaches To Learn About Employer Learning, Mahmut Ablay and Fabian Lange

WP #48 Immigrant Gaps in Parental Time Investments into Children’s Human Capital Activities, Ana Ferrer and Allison Mascella

WP #47 The Work Trajectories of Married Canadian Immigrant Women, 2006-2019, Ana Ferrer, Annie Pan, and Tammy Schirle

WP #46 The Long-Term Effects of Financial Aid and Career Education: Evidence from a Randomized  Experiment, Laëtitia Renée

WP #45 The Long-Run Effects of Parental Unemployment in Childhood, James Ugoccioni

WP #44 Beyond Lost Earnings: The Long-Term Impact of Job Displacement on Workers’ Commuting  Behavior, Yige Duan, Oskar Jost, and Ramona Jost

WP #43 Who Pays the Child Penalty? Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, Jamie Emery

WP #42  Spousal Labour Supply Adjustments to Extended Benefits Weeks: Evidence from Canada,  Stephanie Lluis and Brian McCall


WP #41 Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the CARES Act on Earnings and Inequality,  Matias Cortes and Eliza Forsythe

WP #40 The Heterogenous Labour Market Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic,  Matias Cortes and Eliza Forsythe

WP #39 The Transformation of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Ian O’Donnell and Mikal Skuterud

WP #38  Survey Non-response in Covid-19 Times: The Case of the Labour Force Survey, Pierre Brochu and Jonathan Crechet

WP #37  Canadian Labour Market Dynamics during COVID-19, Stephen Jones, Fabian Lange, W. Craig Riddell and Casey Warman

WP #36 Welfare versus Work under a Negative Income Tax: Evidence from the Gary, Seattle,  Denver and Manitoba Income Maintenance Experiments, Chris Riddell and W. Craig Riddell

WP #35 Innovative Ideas and Gender Inequality, Marlene Koffi

WP #34 Endogenous Learning, Persistent Employer Biases, and Discrimination, Louis-Pierre LePage

WP #33 The Intergenerational Effects of Economic Sanctions, Safoura Moeeni


WP #32 Labour Market Flows and Worker Trajectories in Canada during COVID-19 Pierre Brochu, Jonathan Créchet and Zechuan Deng

WP #31 Automation and Reallocation: The Lasting Legacy of COVID-19 in Canada, J. Blit

WP #30 Is Increasing Productivity COVID-19’s Silver Lining?, J. Blit

WP #29 Labour Market Policies in a Roy-Rosen Bargaining Economy, H. Jales and Z. Yu

WP #28 Waiting for Recovery: The Canadian Labour Market in June 2020, S. Jones, F. Lange, C. Riddell and C. Warman

WP #27 Covid-19, Family Stress and Domestic Violence: Remote Work, Isolation and Bargaining Power, LP. Beland, A. Brodeur, J. Haddad and D. Mikola

WP #26 Initial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Canadian Labour Market, T. Lemieux, K. Milligan, T. Schirle and M. Skuterud.

WP #25 Labor Markets in Crisis: The Causal Impact of Canada’s COVD-19 Economic Shutdown on Hours Worked for Workers Across the Earnings Distribution K. Koebel and D. Pohler

WP #24 Endogenous Learning and the Persistence of Employer Biases in the Labour Market,  L.P. Lepage

WP #23 Effects of Public-School Choice on Private Schools: Evidence from Open Enrollment Reform, R. Cohn

WP #22 The Great Depression and the Rise of Female Employment: A New HypothesisA. Bellow and E. Cardia

WP #21 Household Responses to Disability Shocks: Spousal Labor Supply, Caregiving, and Disability Insurance, S. Lee

WP #20 Strategic Self-Employment and Family Formation, N. Lloyd

WP #19 Caught in the Cycle: Economic Conditions at Enrollment and Labor Market Outcomes of College GraduatesA. Bicakova, M. Cortes and J. Mazza

WP #18 Descriptive labor market outcomes of immigrant women across Europe, A. Adsera, A. Ferrer and V. Herranz