Keynote Speakers

CLEF organizes the Labour and Education sessions at the annual Meetings of the Canadian Economic Association (check the programs below). We also organize a Keynote Lecture in Labour Economics held at the conference. 

2024. Philip Oreopoulos (University of Toronto) presented “Personalized Support at Scale.” (slides)

2023. Kevin Lang (Boston University) presented “How Credible is the Credibility Revolution?”

2022. Francine Blau (Cornell University) presented “Labor Force Selection and the Gender Wage Gap.” (virtual conference)

2021. Lisa Khan (University of Rochester) presented her work on technological change and recessions. (virtual conference)

2019. Kelly Bedard (UC-Santa Barbara) presented “Unequal Use of Social Insurance Benefits: The Role of Employers.”

2018. Jennifer Hunt (Rutgers University) presented her work on immigration and innovation.

2017. Hilary Hoynes (University of California, Berkeley) presented “Long Run Effects of the Social Safety Net.”

2016. Christopher Taber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) presented “Topic Selection on Observed and Unobserved Variables.”

Past Conference Programs
Ottawa (Hybrid) CLEF 2022; Vancouver (virtual) CLEF 2021; Toronto, CLEF 2020; Banff, CLEF 2019;  Montreal, CLEF 2018;  Antigonish, CLEF 2017;  Ottawa, CLEF 2016

or check the CEA webpage here  for more details