Pandemic Research and Initiatives

Louis-Philippe Beland, Abel Brodeur, Joanne Haddad and Derek Mikola look at the effect of COVID on domestic violence

Thomas Lemieux, Kevin Milligan, Tammy Schirle and Mikal Skuterud look at the initial impact of the pandemic on the Canadian labour market

Philip Oreopoulos’ opinion piece Graduating during the Covid-19 recession

Statistics Canada Survey to collect information on the Impacts of COVID19. Participate here, Participez ici   (until June 8th)

Kourtney Koebel and Dionne Pohler look at the impact of the shut down on hours across the income distribution

Louis-Philippe Beland,Taylor Wright, Abel Brodeur and Derek Mikola look at the short term labour market effects of the Pandemic in Canada and the US

Lisa Kahn, Fabian Lange and David Weizer look at the effects of the pandemic on labour supply

Phil Oreopoulos looks into the consequences of prolonged school closures and the difficult trade offs we face

Hashmat Khan and  Miguel Casares estimates the value of isolation in the Spanish pandemic.

Kirsten Cornelson and Boriana Miloucheva look at political fragmentation and cooperation during a pandemic

Statistics Canada recently released the Canadian Economic Dashboard and COVID-19.